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Making Intelligent IT Solutions

We provide Cloud-hosted information technology hardware or software products, content, data, platform APIs, services, and industry-specific solutions to digital enterprise.

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Distributed Intelligence is a new Normal

We have ideated, defined, custom designed, and implemented a carrier-grade, distributed cloud computing platform (e.g. Bhojpur DCP) to enable architecture, design, development, testing, securely hosting, and operationally manage web-scale software applications. Our teams specialize in building such Hybrid IT solutions for small, medium, and large enterprise. Additionally, we provide military grade security solution capabilities to some regulated industry verticals using a proprietary Quantum Computing technology in your privately hosted Data Centre.  

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Our Cloud-hosted software solutions are available on a subscription basis. You can use our trials and buy it online. Start using it right away.

Easy to use

The hosted software solutions are built using modern web-based and mobile technology frameworks. Additionally, we provide in-application support to the end-users on a 24x7 basis.


Based on several  3rd party application integrations, GraphQL and/or RESTful APIs, our software solutions could be extended and adapted easily in enterprise or public sector to suit your business needs.

Solution Demonstration

It is available online 24x7, feature packed, and 100% free. We have hosted trials of several software so that you can experience it before making a buy decision. Do let us know, in case you need any help related to solution demonstration.

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100% web-scale, highly secure software at your disposal

We design, build, host, and managed carrier-grade, multi-tenant, high performance, distributed software solutions for large enterprises. By default, our products offer web-scale advantage due to hosting on the Bhojpur.NET platform.

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Globally Distributed Cloud Platform

A democratic Cloud Computing environment is a necessary requirement for next-generation applications in 6G Network and beyond so a distributed cloud platform is needed.

The Bhojpur DCP is a high performance, multi-modal, edge-aware, distributed cloud  computing platform for the multi-radio access technology based Edge Computing needs of a software-defined operators (SDO), physical infrastructure provider (PIP), and digital service providers. It leverage any public- and/or private- Cloud infrastructure seamlessly to host software delivering distributed intelligence globally.

Defence Operations Platform

A software-driven artificial intelligence enabled integrated command & control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) system is a necessity of military in a Digital Age to be able to manage manpower and its machines (e.g. drone) seamlessly in a complex operational environment.

The Bhojpur DOP is a 6G Network integrated, multi-theatre, software-defined defence operations platform for a military use. It features proprietary Neuron engine, DCPGRM, PRM, SRM, HRM, CRM, and machine learning models for 100% automated situational awareness and algorithmic decision making without any bias in strategic and tactical missions.

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Chronic Diseases on Background of Medicaments Composition - Pills, Injections and Syringe. Chronic Diseases - Printed Diagnosis with Blurred Text.  Toned Image. 3D Render.

Digital Imaging - Optical Data Engine

The 3D/2D digital imaging could be captured from a wide range of devices (e.g. PET, X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, UltrasoundMicroscope, Telescope, and so on. We have applied artificial intelligence to perform image analysis and automated annotation in different fields of science. 

The Bhojpur ODE is an advanced, Quantum AI/ML-enabled optical data engine applying image analysis algorithms in the field of digital pathology. It is pre-integrated with the Yunica.NET Healthcare APIs, electronic health record (EHR) and healthcare supply chain (HSC) systems. Our platform is designed to support end-to-end Digital Health ecosystem.

"Our strategic initiative, namely Enterprise Digital Transformation, has been extremely successful in terms of goals achieved. Thanks to the Bhojpur Consulting team."
A photo of Carlos Sanchez, CTO, ISD Tech Solutions, Inc.
Carlos Sanchez, CTO, ISD Tech Solutions, Inc.

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