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Our pricing model is directly linked to the value delivered by us to your business. However, we offer multiple service-based pricing options to you.

Software Developer's Platform

All of our technology products are available in a software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service or infrastructure-as-a-service delivery model. Our online intelligent Text Chat, Messaging, and Email support is include already in the basic plans and available on a 24x7 basis to all the customers. However, you could subscribe to enterprise support plans for better SLAs. Please feel free to discuss with our Sales team.

API Gateway Services

USD 50/month

Included key features
  • 1 dedicated compute server
  • Remote Admin Console
  • Max. 1 static IP address
  • Max. 16 physical CPUs
  • Max. 32 GB RAM, DDR4
  • Upto 2 TB SSD storage
  • Upto 10 TB HDD storage
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth

Messaging Services

USD 50/month

Included key features
  • 1 dedicated VM with Linux
  • Docker Container Engine
  • Max. 1 Static IP address
  • Max. 4 vCPU, Intel x86 arch
  • Max. 16 GB RAM
  • Upto 250 GB SSD storage
  • Upto 2 TB HDD storage
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth

Database Services

USD 50/month

Included key features
  • 1 web server on Linux OS
  • 1 web application hosting
  • Max. 5 SQL databases
  • Upto 10 GB data storage
  • Max. 3 NoSQL databases
  • Max. 300 Emails per day
  • Max. 100 SMS per day
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth

All plans include

As a standard service offering, we bundle the following components.

  • Domain Name

    We offer one free domain name to each paying Tenant organisation.

  • Email Hosting

    A basic Email service is included in our hosted software. It is used only by the software Tenant to send notifications.

  • Dashboard & Reports

    A standard dashboard is included in our hosted software.

  • User Manuals

    All the products provide free access to online use manuals.

  • Online Training

    We provide self-learning training material.

  • 24x7 - Basic Support

    You get free access to our Global Support Centre services online. However, SLA based custom support options are available on a paid plan.

Cloud-hosted products and services

Click the button to learn more about our hosted product and service offerings.

Frequently asked questions

Answering some common queries raised by the buyers.

Perpetual License

Yes, you can get access to our Perpetual Licensing model from

Subscription License

All the hosted software solutions are delivered through this website. You can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.