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Pricing Model

Our pricing model is directly linked to the Business Value delivered by us to your business. We offer multiple product-based and service-based pricing options. A joint value discovery workshop is recommended prior to a formal engagement.

Easing emerging Technology Adoption

A general guidance related to Technology Adoption Services is listed below for clients to get an idea about our blended rates and enterprise digital transformation project engagements. However, more specialised skills would be required in a complex IT delivery project. Therefore, custom rate-cards are shared with the clients and applied according to nature of opportunities. Please feel free to ask our Sales team to learn more.

Custom Development

USD 150/hour

Estimated Hours
  • At least 3-months required
  • Min. 5-hours for bug fixing
  • Min. 10-hours for custom reports
  • Min. 25-hours for improvements
  • Min. 50-hours for new Features
  • Min. 100+ hours of integration efforts

System Integration

USD 150/hour

Key service options
  • Min. 100-hours effort for low-code software
  • Min. 600-hours required for simple software
  • Min. 1500-hours required for software of medium complexity 
  • Min. 4000-hours required for complex software
  • Min. 10000-hours required for very complex software

Custom Report

USD 500/report

Key service features
  • Dashboard KPIs
  • Creating new Data Mart excluded

Data Migration

USD 250/data-item

Included service features
  • Min. 2-weeks required
  • Export, Transform, Load data
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Testing

Data Synchronization

USD 12500/environment

Included service features
  • Data Replication between on-premise and Cloud-hosted servers

Online Training

USD 600/session

Included service features
  • Min. 3 half-day training session required
  • Technical Materials e.g. Documentation, Tutorials, Audio/Video, etc.


USD 1000/server

Key service features
  • One time installation


USD 500/server

Key service features
  • One-time upgrade

Support Incident

USD 150/incident

Key service features
  • Troubleshoot a self-hosted server issue


USD 100/hour

Key service features
  • Min. 4-weeks required for Enterprise software


USD 2600/week

Key service features
  • Min. 4-weeks required for enterprise software

Technical Support

USD 250/month

Some key features
  • A shared customer support engineer would be assigned to respond quickly

Cloud-hosted products and services

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Frequently asked questions

Answering some common queries raised by the buyers.

Development: Low-Code Platform Solution

At least 100 man-hours of effort is required to develop software using low-code platforms.

Development: Simple-Level Complexity

Min. 600 man-hours of effort is required to develop enterprise software of simple complexity levels.

Development: Medium-Level Complexity

Min. 1500 man-hours of effort is required to develop enterprise software of medium complexity levels.

Development: High-Level Complexity

Min. 4000 man-hours of effort is required to develop enterprise software of high complexity levels.

Development: Very-High Complexity

Min. 10000 man-hours of effort is required to develop enterprise software of very high complexity levels.